Feasibility Study

We study your energy profile to propose possible measures.

In the first phase of the project, we conduct a feasibility study where the facility’s energy consumption is analyzed; consumption profiles, energy prices, temperatures, flow rates, steam pressures, etc. are all taken into account. Our pre-sales engineers design a fitting solution (concept phase) that matches the client’s energy demands. Different technologies and combinations of technologies are proposed in order to obtain the most cost-effective solution.

Possible measures to reduce your energy consumption:

  • ORC
  • Absorption cooling
  • LED relighting
  • Heat pump
  • Back pressured steam turbine
  • Waste heat recovery

Technologies to generate green energy on-site:

  • Combined heat and power (fuel can be biomass, biogas or natural gas)
  • Trigeneration
  • Solar panels
  • Wind turbine
  • Hydropower
  • Gasification of biomass
  • Biomass digestion (biogas production)

The concept is designed in such a way that our installations don’t interfere with or limit the client’s production process and operations because we understand that the client’s core business is a top priority.

Resource and yield assessments are conducted through constant innovation, strong partnerships and close monitoring of the latest technology trends in our sector, in order to provide your company with the latest, safest and most efficient technologies. In the feasibility study, our engineers also cover risk mitigation by assessing the technical risks and possible problems that may occur (during the construction and after the execution) and how these can be avoided.