When the concept is agreed upon, the more thorough detailed work for renewable energy project engineering (and energy efficiency) can start. The installations are tailored to the client’s needs and possibilities.

Our team of expert engineers calculate, design and install the installations. In the engineering phase, we fine-tune the dimensions of the components for optimal electrical output of the plant tailored to your company.

Our in-house engineering team delivers the technical drawings, 3D simulations, electrical board designs, programming, SCADA visualization systems, manuals, as well as process and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID). The on-site project engineers are supported by the engineering team in the office with designs, orders, calculations, etc. When the construction is finished, the commissioning is performed and the performances of the installation are tested during a trial period.  Additionally, a bundle of all used equipment and drawings of all parts are provided to the client in the form of an as-built folder.